4 Tips to Plan a Large Ibiza Wedding

If you and your partner both have large families and lots of friends you might easily get a 150+ guests list and remember that each person will need your attention as they make an afford to attend your Ibiza wedding.

1. Try to talk to everyone

Each person from your guest list is attending your destination wedding because he means something to you and he will definitely expect your attention. I advise to my couples to plan a welcome dinner the day before the wedding and a post-wedding lunch – this way you have a better chance to speak to everyone and thank them personally for being here for you.

2. Keep Your Guests Engaged

A wedding reception for 200+ guests is much longer than for an intimate wedding as it takes time to feed your guests. To keep your quests engaged think of anything that gives them a chance to interact with each other, photo booth is a classic example of such activity, but you can take it a step further and create your own animation.

3. Keep Travel Time in Mind

If you have your ceremony and your reception in two different locations you need to plan transfers for your guests and remember, that moving such a large group takes extra time. Some of private villas and boutique hotels on Ibiza have very tiny roads with one way traffic only. As a luxury Ibiza wedding planner, it’s my job to make sure everything stays within control and budget.

4. Make sure your venue will comfortably fit all of your guests

This may seem obvious, however, always visit the venue before booking and make sure that all of your guests will have a place to sit and can comfortably dance. Some venues can accommodate 200 guests only with round tables set up and you were dreaming of a rustic dinner (meaning rectangular tables)? If the vision for your wedding doesn’t fit the space, it’s important to know that up front.

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