Elopement in Ibiza


If a summer elopement in the Spanish island of Ibiza is on your mind, you’ve come to the right place! Today we’re sharing what you need to know when planning to elope in Ibiza, along with loads of beautiful elopement inspiration photographed by Masha Kart, as well as handy Ibiza wedding contact details.

Summer in the Mediterranean is the stuff wanderlust is made of. Long, balmy summer days, 9pm sunsets, warm, turquoise waters and all the food, culture and history you could ask for. Ibiza is an unforgettable place, filled with so many honeymoon bucket list moments for after you’ve said ‘we do!’

After a morning visit to Ibiza Old Town you might choose to spend the afternoon swimming in the Balearic waters at beaches like Cala Conte or Es Cavellet. Perhaps later you decide to enjoy one of the legendary Cafe Del Mar sunsets, dinner at a Spanish restaurant (including some awesome vegetarian and vegan food spots), before going out for the night to hit the club. The next day, after a lazy breakfast, you check out Cala Llentia, Ibiza’s stone henge, then decide take a day trip to the incredible island of Formentera for an afternoon under the Spanish sun. Really, does it get any better?!

elopement in Ibiza
elopement in Ibiza
elopement in Ibiza
elopement in Ibiza

How to Elope in Ibiza

  • The best months for a beautiful Ibiza elopement ceremony are May, June, September and October. During September especially, the sea is warm, the worst of the summer heat has died down and it there isn’t much rain.
  • Start planning at least 10 months in advance. If you want your wedding to take place in a private villa during the peak months of July, August and September, secure your venue a year in advance if you can. Many villas and properties begin booking many months beforehand.
  • Have a symbolic wedding or church blessing in Ibiza to avoid additional paperwork.If you’re not a resident, or are not planning to get married in a Catholic church in Ibiza, you’ll likely need to get married legally at home in a civil ceremony first. Take look at the requirements and options available for legally wedding in Ibiza here. 
  • If you are getting married in summer months avoid choosing heavy dress.  A simple yet elegant beach wedding dress made of breezy fabrics is best.
  • Some venues in Ibiza might have specific sound restrictions. For example in many villas, outdoor music is allowed only until midnight. Make sure you check it out.
  • If possible, plan to visit Ibiza before your wedding at least once to see venues and to arrange tasting  with your potential caterer.
  • Plan a welcome dinner the day before the wedding to welcome your guests in a relaxed atmosphere.  Spend some time with people you probably haven’t seen for long tome, talk about their news, share a meal. It helps to eliminate a big part of stress in the wedding day.
  • Take your wedding dress and some essential items as carry-on luggage in the airplane in case your luggage is lost.
  • Organise a day-after wedding lunch with friends and loved ones. Make time to chat with your family and friends about the wedding and share the best moments everyone had. Thank your guests for flying over and being with you. A day at a beach club or a day yacht trip to Formentera are great ways to do this!
  • Invest in a good photographer. You’ll invest a significant amount on your destination wedding, including flights, accommodation, and vacation time. You definitely want to have beautiful memories of the event together with your loved ones, so make sure you select the best photographer you can afford!
  • Get a good wedding planner who will save your time, money and stress. A bride without a planner can easily become overwhelmed with planning, checking and coordinating everything, ending up without time and energy to enjoy the day herself. With the support of a wedding planner it’s much easier to be in the moment with your partner and loved ones, instead of stressing over wedding admin.

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