French Wedding in a private villa // Audrey + Paul Antoine


Audrey and Paul Antoine are one of our lovely couples that got married in October 2021, an incredible French style wedding celebrated in Ibiza. They cared about maintaining the French atmosphere as they wanted their guests and themselves to feel like home.

Their wedding was initially planned for May 2020, and after having to move the date several times they tied the knot in October 2021, a date they happily had their child to celebrate with.

After many changes had to be done to make this beautiful day happen for Audrey and Paul Antoine, we managed to provide them with the simple, elegant, fun and family oriented style they were expecting. They had French cuisine, including the typical Croquembouche (dessert for weddings and celebrations), champagne from a small French champagnerie and they could feel comfortable speaking their language with the DJ and photographer as we provide an international team to adjust everything to the ideal wedding idea of our couples.

These past years have been a challenge for making weddings happen, but Audrey and Paul Antoine are proof that we can always make it happen.

Audrey + Paul Antoine

Private Villa Wedding