Hosting your wedding at a villa in Ibiza

If you are thinking about celebrating your big day at a villa, this will be an excellent option to keep your closest guests all together and having everything close hand.

There are so many different types of villas, some are upmarket luxury accommodations with unbelievable sea views, others are built in a rustic style and off the beaten track or you can find some blends between a rural finca and a modern villa.

villa wedding Ibiza
rustic finca wedding in Ibiza

While having your own villa for your celebration sounds fascinating, some details need to be considered to make everything come true:

  • As you will have your personalized pick of decoration and styling for the ceremony, the dinner and everything involved in your wedding; some furniture and decor will need to be rented to host all your guests and this will require some time and extra expenses to set up and dismantle.
  • The villa that you choose should have different areas where you can host everything you need: ceremony, reception, dinner and dancefloor (if it’s how you are planning to end the night!). These places are always better outdoors, especially to enjoy the lovely Ibiza weather. Anyway, we should keep a plan B in mind in case the weather suddenly changes.
  • To ensure that there is space to host all your guests and your desired set up, everything should be previously measured and there should be good access and places to park for everyone to arrive smoothly.
  • We will make sure the accommodation has a tourist license and consider close by neighbors so that everything is taken care of and you can enjoy your day.
  • villa wedding Ibiza
    rustic finca wedding in Ibiza
    rustic finca wedding in Ibiza
    rustic finca wedding in Ibiza
    rustic finca wedding in Ibiza

    The best part about hosting your wedding at a villa is that you have no time restrictions and can accommodate every area as you desire, with your own style and personalization. You will have everything close hand and you can stay there for a few days and host further lunches or parties without having to change location.

    Is this the kind of wedding you have in mind? Get in touch with us and we will make sure it happens!

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