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How a wedding planner will make your pre-wedding life easier

In the past few years, wedding planners have become much more readily talked about – which is great for me! – but not as many people know exactly what they can do. Rather than being an expensive luxury, wedding planners are an integral cog in the machine to helping a wedding day run smoothly and, crucially, allowing you guys to enjoy every second of it, which is always my number one priority. During the wedding planning, I provide support and ideas for all the decisions, whether big or small. On the day itself, I’ll make sure everything’s running smoothly from behind the scenes, keeping guests (and you guys) so relaxed that they may not even notice there’s a wedding planner there at all.

To start the process off, I use WhatsApp or FaceTime for an initial call with you, where we’ll go through all of your ideas, pain points and budget estimation. The main purpose of the call is to get to know you, and for us to see if I’m a right fit for you (It’s not a consultation about venues – that bit comes later!) After we’ve chatted, I send a proposal over that outlines the services I think best fit your day and my fee.

To give you an idea of what those services can be, here’s some ways I can help you with your day:

  • The venue search – after creating your wedding budget, I start searching for a perfect venue within your budget and according to your wedding wishes
  • Venue visits and selection – once your shortlist has been created, I will book visits so that we can see the venues together (alternatively, if you can’t make it, I can go alone and send you detailed videos)
  • Suppliers search and selection – similarly to the venue search, I can source the perfect suppliers to match your wishes, budget and personality
  • Your wedding day timeline creation – I advise you and your suppliers on timings, to maximise your enjoyment and minimise the stress
  • Logistics planning – to ensure everything goes smooth and seamlessly for you
  • Delivering a beautiful, emotional, stylish and fun celebration

So, what do wedding planners actually do?

Essentially, wedding planners are there to make the run up to, and the wedding day itself, as stress-free as possible. Apparently it takes 300 hours to plan a wedding – add that onto working, having a social life, and sleeping, and it can all seem majorly overwhelming. Having a wedding planner helps take the pressure off, and gives you the freedom to enjoy the process as you should. With years of experience, expert knowledge and a little black book full of excellent supplier connections, we can make it easy for you to have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of!

Firstly, wedding planners can listen to your vision of the day and help you find a venue that can house those dreams as they come true. Then, I can help you find the suppliers who will make it happen – because as much as their instagrams and portfolios are important, it’s key to know that you can trust them too! In the run-up to the day, I’ll help pull together the logistics and timelines, dealing with all the boring admin bits whilst you get excited. This includes budget management, where I can help you set a realistic wedding budget and stick to it (more money for the bar, right?). I can also help assist on any tricky bits, like seating plan management and sourcing props. Last but not least, I can be there on the day to offer you crucial support, ensuring things are running on time and as they should be. I was going to say the only thing you should have to worry about on your wedding day is where your next glass of bubbles is coming from – but with a wedding planner there you shouldn’t even need to do that…

Why are wedding planners essential for destination weddings?

All that support I give couples is even more useful when you’re planning from overseas. Of course, as a destination wedding planner I would say that, but it’s true! Language barriers, local knowledge, legalities and laws – these are all things that your wedding planner can advise you on, using our native know-how to help. You always trust local recommendations when on holiday, so why wouldn’t you do it with the most important day of your life so far? Having a (wo)man on the ground is essential for site visits and checks too – flying out to see your destination wedding venue or suppliers every time you need to see something in the flesh would end up being very, very expensive!

Formentera wedding planner
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We have a venue-coordinator already, do we need a wedding planner too?

A venue co-ordinator is an excellent thing to have when wedding planning, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need a wedding planner too. Venue coordinators are your point of contact with the venue and will know the place inside out, but that’s where their scope ends. Any liaising that’s not to do with venue specifics is then left to you – which leaves a lot of other areas of your planning to you! This is especially true if you’re having your ceremony and your reception in two different locations, for example. By contrast, wedding planners preside over the whole day, from getting ready with your girls at home to slaying your first dance and beyond. This means you can task me with the smallest job for any point throughout, and I’ll get it sorted – even if it’s something to do with your dad’s socks.  

If you’d like to chat about getting a wedding planner to make your pre-wedding life easier, please send me email info@serafinaweddings.com – I can’t wait to hear from you!

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