Vendor Spotlight: Ibiza Wedding Photographer Masha Kart


I’m Masha Kart, multicultural wedding photographer based in Ibiza. Before moving to this beautiful island, I studied and lived in Germany (Cologne and Dusseldorf) where I graduated from the University of Applied Arts and then lived in Los Angeles and Bali for some years, all this has helped me build my multicultural and language knowledge. Painting was my first love, but after time I realized about the art of photography, and I treat my photographs as if they were paintings.

  • How did you decide to become a wedding photographer?

As a photographer I am specialized in weddings, but also in fashion, interior and product photography. I became a wedding photographer in Los Angeles, where I had the opportunity to photograph my first wedding, it was with a wonderful international couple and I felt so connected with the energy and the atmosphere, that it slowly became a way to balance my classic art education with a love for beauty and exciting new digital technology. I wanted to keep capturing timeless stories, and this took me to photograph weddings in Greece, which is a very well-known wedding destination. After working summers in Santorini, I then moved to Ibiza, another wedding destination island which has better business than Santorini. I realized weddings were more satisfying than other types of photography I had done.

  • How would you describe your style?

I describe my style as fine art photojournalism. I try to photograph everything and everybody and try to make art out of every picture. I use a lot of natural light and my approach is elegant, feminine, classic and timeless, with the touch of editorial and fashion photography.

In 20 years when couples look at their photographs, they will be happy that they didn’t choose any specific editing trend for their photos, but at the same time I mix it with modern relaxed approach.

  • What are your preferred locations to shoot in Ibiza?

Ibiza is a beautiful island, so I enjoy shooting almost everywhere as there are many amazing venues here. Some of my favorites are Atzaro, La Escollera or Amante. For couple’s shooting I normally like to take them to cliffs overlooking the famous Es Vedrá or the beach, old fishing shacks or sunset places like Cala Comte. I’m always trying to find places that are not very crowded, but I also like to shoot in old town Ibiza as it’s very charming and has beautiful colors.

  • What makes your service special from others?

I have a good ability to connect with people no matter their age or nationality since I have traveled so much, and I can relate to so many different people. I try not to take too many weddings so I can focus my attention on my couples. I like to treat them as movie stars and also give them advice about make-up and clothing as I have a good styling picture in my head. I am always next to the bride to support her during the wedding. Everything in my photography is focused on the fact that the bride has to look absolutely gorgeous, flawless and this is my priority during post-production.

As a wedding photographer, I give my couples a lot of images, that does not mean they are of less quality. After the 8-hour wedding day, I normally deliver around 1000 edited images.

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  • What do you like most about photographing weddings?

The best thing is the energy on the wedding day, with positive and fun vibrations and emotions, people having fun, loving each other and family getting together. Every wedding is so unique, I enjoy meeting people from all around the world, as I’ve photographed couples from USA, Australia, Germany, South Africa, France, etc. It reminds me about my time travelling around the world, I meet these people and talk to them and it takes me to those countries. The energy of these people reflects on the photography and I like to translate those emotions into my work.

You can visit her website to see more of her work on this link

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