Why Choose a small wedding in Ibiza?


Picking Ibiza off the map for an intimate and elegant wedding ceremony can be your best decision ever. The place is surrounded by scenic places, white sandy beaches overlooking blue sea and luxurious resorts. There is no place better on the earth than Ibiza to celebrate your vows and embark on a romantic journey of a lifetime together.

With the global pandemic still raging across the world, the idea of a micro wedding in Ibiza is something that changes the scenery completely. It’s a way out for couples to do something different and give themselves a luxurious Ibiza wedding in style. The concept applies to a romantic getaway or micro wedding as well as a big wedding post-covid-19. Whether you like to celebrate like royals or prefer a dreamy micro-wedding, Ibiza offers some breathtaking nuances to make your dream wedding come true.

If you are still not sure about it, we have gathered a couple of ideas to make your dream wedding come true.

Venues with Beachy Backdrops

Saying your vows at the seaside is one of the many reasons why couples choose Ibiza as their destination wedding spot. They are the most happening and magnificent wedding locations around the area. One can’t just overlook the dazzling blue seas overlooking sandy beaches and clear sky.

No matter what vibe you go for, the shimmering sea will fit perfectly with your décor. It adds a vibrant pop of turquoise color in the background. You can never say no to a picturesque backdrop in all your wedding photos!

Imagine having a wedding ceremony at a venue with a spectacular blue sea behind you. It can be a sea facing villa or a hotel. The fresh smell of the sea will sweep you and your partner off the feet. There are so many amazing beaches in Ibiza. All you have to do is say ‘I do’ to your favorite spot.

Go big on Décor

A small COVID-19 wedding means a small number of guests. But you can definitely go big on decoration and vibe. A perfect ambiance means lots of lights, arches, floral arrangements, ceremony setups, table decorations, and party ideas.

Arches add a romantic touch to a wedding. It is the first thing that guests notice when they walk in. So make sure you take their breath away right there. An entryway with lights also makes a grand entrance if your reception is at night. Don’t forget to highlight scenic spaces around your venue to make them stand out.

Go Wild and Whimsical

Go wild and whimsical with loads of flowers everywhere! Think of overhead floral statement pieces, art installation, entryway floral decoration, and guests adorned with flowers. Don’t go overboard with all these ideas. Pick and choose your style and go from there. The key is to go for whimsical, wilder, and natural vibe to keep it simple. Minimalist style is the trending keyword!

Have a Simple Vibe

You don’t have to throw a big wedding to make it a luxury wedding. All you have to do is keep an aesthetic in mind that goes with your vibe. As they like to say, the devil is in the details. Aesthetic is will make your wedding vibe go from blah to wow! Think of having an arch decorated with flower arrangement. Lighting also adds to the atmosphere, so make the most of it. These subtle nuances will make your event way more interesting.

Invite Close Friends and Family

Instead of spending heavily on a receptio, keep a tight guest list. Invite close friends and family whose presence really mean the world to you. Save money on the reception and spend it on some vaction activities with the guests. You will make memories for a life time!

Think out of the box and rent a yacht for the wedding. Gather your loved ones around you and have an intimate wedding ceremony. Enjoy rest of the crusie laughing away with the guests. You can also take your loved ones to Formentera. It is the smallest of Spain’s Balearic islands in the Mediterranean Sea, next to Ibiza. You can reach there by ferry in no time! Explore the clear blue waters around the island. You can spend the day snorkelling and sailing in the water and call it the best day ever!

Ibiza is blessed with crystal-clear waters, incredible beaches and an amazing night life which makes it a perfect destination for holidays and weddings. All in all it’s pure blisss!

Ibiza is close to the major islands of Spain. The other islands are just a ferry ride away from Ibiza so if you want to explore more places around the region, all you need is an adventurous soul.